Veliko Tarnovo and the region is a flourishing tourism destination. Easy access, beautiful nature, temperate climate, rich history and culture, many churches and monasteries, and the great fortress of Tzarevetz have made Veliko Tarnovo a regional centre with great opportunities for development of tourism. That is why the city attracts many international tourists from Europe and around the World. It is a preferred destination for many people from Great Britain. According to demographics data just during the last three years more than 3000 British have settled in the town and the region of Veliko Tarnovo.
   Because of the great interest we foresaw the need for establishing a British Club of Veliko Tarnovo. It is a new club hosted in the hospitable new hotel Boliari that opened doors on the first of January 2006. The purpose of the club is to bring together people from Great Britain that come to visit Veliko Tarnovo for one reason or another. No matter if you live in the region or are just passing through we would appreciate your presence and would do our best to make you feel at home at the club, which is part of the nice hotel Boliari. We, the team of the British Club of Veliko Tarnovo, warmly welcome anyone who wants to come and share with us the great view opened in front of the eyes of everyone sitting at the second floor of the lobby bar. We share ideas, meet new people, interact and have fun. The different people we meet from the different locations, the friends we make, the contacts we create make us richer and more excited about our travel through Bulgaria.
   The president of the club, a young man with the name of Andrian Tsvetkov, is a Bulgarian citizen who has traveled a lot through Europe and the United States. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria and has also attended a four year business college in Seattle, WA, USA. His experience in meeting English speaking people in similar clubs across Europe, especially in Spain, has given him the idea of establishing such a club that to warmly welcome all those who want to share this international experience that all visitors bring together combined with the hospitality of sunny Veliko Tarnovo.
   No matter where you are from or what you do, please come to see us at the lobby bar of hotel Boliari.

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